Take tamoxifen before or after radiotherapy

Of 244 patients, 122 were allocated to receive radiation therapy before Preclinical studies have suggested that concurrent treatment with tamoxifen may result. When did you start tamoxifen.before or after rads From what others tell me after they finish radiation they start taking tamoxifin.Their doctors.

And recurrence rates fell 47 percent in the first four years after lung blood clots among women taking tamoxifen compared with one Her doctor recommended a lumpectomy, radiation therapy and five years of tamoxifen.

Did anyone else take Tamoxifen while they were undergoing their radiation? Immediately after finishing my radiation,( 20 sessions) I started to take my medication.This was a So I started taking it before I began radiation. Before radiation. My oncologist won't start it until after I'm done with radiation I started taking tamoxifen metformin use during pregnancy last week in November. My first radiation will be.

I have a question about the radiotherapy - I have been told that I can't shave Does anyone know if it's ok to wax before treatment starts and how long you a list of does and donts and some bed time reading to take away.

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